How to make Gantt chart in excel 

Gantt Chart

Gantt chart is a project managing tool used in managing or planning projects of all types. We did some tasks for our project. Gantt chart are helpful for long-term planning in advance. The chart can be used to find the most logical sequence of work activities. Breaking up the events into smaller phases makes optimizing employees work schedule more efficient. 


1. The main purpose of using the Gantt chart is for planning, scheduling the various project.

2. It is easier to plan our events like parties, School events, etc.

Industries: –

Usage of Gantt chart is in Construction, IT, Marketing, Finance, Education field.


MS Project

MS Project is the latest project management software by Microsoft which has a goal to help teams better align to meet their desired outcomes – whether they work in business, in education or non-profit sectors. Teams use MS Project’s easy-to-understand graphical timeline tool that reflects their schedule and important milestones, monitor tasks right on the Gantt chart showing where they are over the course of time and know when each task is due – all online.
Microsoft designed MS Project with the intent to make all subjects learnable easily so there will not be any culture lapses when people actually launch and use it, no matter wherever it may take place.

This is used for making projects, Budget making, and Gantt charts.

MS Excel:                  

                       We use MS Excel for spreadsheets, Gantt charts, Data entry.

           Proof Hub is mainly used to make company software and Gantt charts.


I would arrange a training Session at XYZ University for this I have the following tasks:

1. I request to admin

2. Got Approval from Admin

3. Send Session Requirement

4. Approval granted

5. Session Conducted

Now Let’s Create Gantt Chart in MS Excel

1. Lets create Gantt chart

data excel

1. AMDTECHX is going to deliver a Training session at XYZ University.

2. For this, AMDTECHX has a task (Details) on Screenshot.

3. AMDTECHX chooses Starting date from 3/24/2022 to an End Date of 4/1/2022.

2. Now calculate Duration

data of excel

In this, AMDTECHX is calculating duration by using the formula =C2-B2.

Then Drag the Duration from curser from Top to Bottom.


The first AMDTECHX put curser on the Start date and select it from top to bottom.

After that AMDTECHX moves the cursor on the (INSERT) option on Excel and clicks on it.

Then AMDTECHX moves the cursor on Recommended Charts and clicks on it.

4.Selection of Bar Chart in Stack Bar

Then AMDTECHX put the cursor on Insert Chart, select (Bar Chart) from Recommended charts, and click OK.

selection of bar

Then AMDTECHX press enters after that this interface is shown.

5.Graph of Start Date

start date

Then AMDTECHX press enters after that this interface is shown.

6.Selection of values from Duration

selection of values

First, AMDTECHX put a curser on the chart, then click left side.

Then AMDTECHX clicks on (select data) and again clicks on Add, then this interface will show.

Then AMDTECHX drag duration from top to bottom in Series Value, press (OK).

7.Now we edit Task on (Select Data Source)

edit task

AMDTECHX will click on the edit option; after that, drag all the tasks from top to bottom and press OK.

8.Make (start date and Task) Graph


This is the result after pressing OK.

9.(No fill) or D-colorization of Start Date or Task

de colorization

AMDTECHX goes to the Format Data Series, and press left click on the Gantt chart.

AMDTECHX will click on Fill Section and select Sub Section (No fill).


10.Click on Categories in reverse order


 AMDTECHX will Click on the Task column and select format Axes.

AMDTECHX will Go to Axis Position and select or Tick on Categories in reverse order.

 11.Gantt Chart

This is a Semi-final Gantt chart by AMDTECHX.

AMDTECHX first select Start date (Column F) and End date (Column G).

12.Final Gantt Chart

AMDTECHX will go to Home (Icon), click on Number (icon) system show Format Cells select general Category press OK.

AMDTECHX put the Start date of (F) in Minimum of Axis Option and End date (G) in Maximum of Axis Option. Press OK.

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